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Carter Retail: Company Profile


Carter Retail Equipment (CRE) offers a comprehensive solution for refrigerated display equipment, catering to the needs of its customer base.

Renowned as a leading supplier in Europe for the storage and display of food, beverages, and perishable products, Carter Retail Equipment has expanded its product supply to the United States, Australasia, and the Far East.

Their “OEM” (Original Equipment Manufacturer) turnkey service encompasses the entire process,
including production, project management, installation, and post-sales support.

Moreover, CRE specialises in customised designs, ranging from compact modular chilled units to
an extensive selection of chilled and frozen units.


Across our business, we understand the importance of sustainability. We continue to innovate and look to provide sustainable solutions to our clients, providing products and solutions designed to support their Net Zero ambitions.

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Carter Thermal Industries Group (CTI)

Founded in 1945, Carter Thermal Industries has grown to become one of the most substantial and respected privately owned engineering groups within the UK. The group’s manufacturing operations combine engineering expertise with innovation to remain at the leading edge of technology.

Contracting operations excel through design, engineering and management skills. Whilst sound engineering experience and up to date understanding of technical developments provide the basis for the care and maintenance operations.