Carter Retail Invest In Solidworks

solidworksAs a drive to increase productivity, reduce new concept lead times and provide improved information both internally and externally, Carter Retail Equipment Ltd have invested in Solidworks 3D design software.

drive-worksMoving to Solidworks and the add on Driveworks software has reduced the concept to production time allowing more time to be spent on new sales initiatives and existing cabinet improvements. Implementation of the Enterprise Data Management software allowed the design team at Carter’s the opportunity to redraw their existing CAD legacy data to ensure quality, consistency and accurate information throughout the business.

solidworks2solidworks3Integrated simulation and sustainability tools enable CRE to better analyse their products for performance and environmental effects. Thermal flow software is used to reduced development & testing time while the business can now offer Sustainability reports to clients for manufacturing & supply analysis and carbon footprint impact data.

solidworks4To enable the improved data to be used effectively outside of the design department, Carter Retail purchased Composer software licenses that use the Solidworks information to produce easy to view graphical literature. This increases productivity documentation to both the shop floor & site teams, visual identification of spares and case parts for sales and contractors and offers access to anyone, anywhere, in HTML format.

solidworks5The successful implementation of the software has been carried out in partnership with Solid Applications Ltd, Olbury who completed the full transition, linking with existing business systems, in only 4 months.