Carter Retail manufactures a wide range of central refrigeration plant for use in the retail, commercial and light industrial sectors. Our clients benefit from the freedom that our design team can offer, by either adopting a complete bespoke unit, or one of our many standard ranges. We understand and embrace the issues that our clients face in today’s market place, with substantial investment in studying areas such as environmental impact, energy efficiency, physical size and noise levels, our innovative technologies and processes deliver equipment most suitable for today’s environment.

All of our refrigeration products are designed and manufactured ‘in-house’ at our Birmingham facility to ensure we have full control over quality and testing. As well as our own designs, Carter can source refrigeration plant from a number of trusted suppliers’ world-wide, offering total solution for all applications.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant houses the latest technology and is evidence of Carter’s continual investment in UK manufacturing. We constantly research and apply manufacturing improvements which are achieved by improved planning, design and labour & plant utilisation. We have reduced our labour cost per case, circa 30% by assembling the case using our semi automated assembly line and in line test facility.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Semi Automated Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing

Pullmax 7000 FCPTE
Automated punching system equipped with extended tool magazine, material storage, parts picking and autoload/unload facility.

The S4+P4 line Salvagnini
It punches, shears and bends sheet metal totally automatically. The first prototype dates back to 1979 and is a landmark in the development of systems for integrated logistics. It remains the most efficient flexible manufacturing system (FMS) on the market today.

L1 Salvagnini Laser Cutting Machine
High Precision cutting machine enabling single line cutting, maximising sheet utilisation and efficient energy consumption.


  • Capacity to manufacture 10’000 cases per annum
  • Operating a 4 shift pattern
  • Delivering sustained output of 1405 cut pieces per operating hour

Dry Powder Coating

  • Semi automated Powder Coating Spray Line
  • Ability to spray 1.5 complete case types per hour
  • Operating 4 shift system capable to spray 252 cases per week
  • Controlled spray thickness to a minimum of 80 microns per measured unit
  • Computer controlled curing and conditioning process
  • Fully maintained by in – house Maintenance Team
  • Highly skilled powder coating operatives trained by Gaymer, leaders in powder coating technology

Case Assembly and Testing

  • Flowline with the ability to assemble and test 1 case per 30 minutes
  • Operating 4 shift process ability to manufacture and test 250 cases per week
  • Full flexibility to assemble and test all case types on the semi automated assembly line, from FHGD, HGD to Brookland case types
  • Automated test process that carries out 19 individual full functionality tests recording every process and storing on system for full traceability
  • Each individual case has its own unique serial number to ensure full traceability for the entire life of that product
  • All condenser units assembled and tested prior to assembly within the engineering department