Carter Retail Historical Images


Original company formed by the late John Carter DFC. (a wing commander in the RAF bomber command).

1945 Initially based in small offices on Corporation Street, Birmingham.

1948 Aquired premises in Bordesley Green, Birmingham.

1949 Aquired the Midland Heating and ventilation company.


First cabinets and coldstores hand built in cork and timber with stoved metal finishes.

1959 The group reorganised, to what we know of it today. The Carter Thermal Industries Group. 3 new operating subsidiaries: Carter Refrigeration Display Ltd, Carter Thermal Engineers Ltd and Carter Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd. Midland Heating and Ventilation Ltd remained the fourth subsidiary within the group.


Redhill Rd, home for a number of Group companies covering Manufacturing and Building Services inc Refrigeration.

1960 Relocated to Redhill Road, Hay Mills, head office and remains so today.

1962 Approx. Carter Engineering Building Service Ltd and Carter Industrial Products Ltd formed. Midland Heating & Ventilation Company was split into each company.

Carter Historical Images


Growth years for contracting, service and maintenance leading to divisional operations, particularly London and Liverpool

1983 Carter Planned Maintenance formed

1988 Group expands to increase it’s nationwide coverage with the aquisition of Walker Refrigeration in the north west.


In 1992 CPC formed within CRRS Ltd to distribute Refrigeration Controls & Refrigerant Detection Equipment. The move to
virtually national coverage with Group acquiring KB.

1991 The Star Electrical Company aquired.

1994 Carter Industrial Products Ltd re-named to Carter Environmental Engineers Ltd.

1995 Walker Refrigeration transferred into Carter Refrigeration Display Ltd.

1996 Manufacturing & Contracting split into 2 Seperate companies. Carter Refrigeration & Retail Services Ltd and Carter Retail Equipment Ltd. Tradesman Property Maintenance was also aquired.

1999 KB Refrigeration in Scotland aquired.


A Different Breed evolves to serve the Built Environment (Refrigeration, HVAC, & Electrical Services).

2004 New Purpose Built 140,000 Sq.Ft Factory and Test Facility (including CO2) built at Lea Ford Road.

2005 Franklin Hodge Industries Ltd aquired.

2007 Carter Refrigeration & Retail Services Ltd and Carter Planned Maintenance Ltd, merge to form Carter Synergy Ltd.

2011 Receive prestigious RoSPA Gold Award for Occupational Health and Safety.

2011 Improved efficiency with Carter Synergy through re-organisation of service department.