Code of Ethics

The Carter Thermal Industries (CTI) Group strategy is very simple: to provide our customers with the very best value products and services.
Key to achieving this is our people. We are looking for three core attributes:

  • Integrity
  • Ability
  • Energy

The CTI Group Code of Ethics and Business Conduct addresses the first of these: integrity. “Integrity is being honest and upright” put simply “doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”.

The Group strives to maintain a work environment for its staff in which honesty, integrity and respect for fellow employees and our customers/ clients are constantly reflected in personal behaviour and standards of conduct.

Conflicts of interest must be managed appropriately where it is necessary to engage the services of an individual or a firm to represent the Group or a subsidiary Company.

Our Suppliers and Sub-contractors must act on our behalf in a way that is always consistent with our Code and applicable laws or regulations to ensure that the highest standard is respected.

Our customers’ confidence that we will do the right thing is paramount in them wanting to work with us. Our reputation is one of our most valued assets and if lost it’s very hard to regain.

Workplace Health and Safety

Our most valuable asset is people. The safety of everyone is of paramount importance in each and every undertaking. We are committed to providing safe and healthy work environments in all our offices and on all our work sites.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics covers the products and services that we provide, how we relate to one another and how we relate to outside parties. We have seen increasing legislation in this area and what is deemed as
acceptable has changed over time.

The purpose of the code is to set out very simple guidelines to ensure that our employees comply both with UK law and with the Group’s own standards. It applies to our activities both in the UK and overseas
but employees need to be aware that other countries may impose additional regulations. Employees also need to be aware of and comply with specific customer policies and codes.