Carter Coldstore Spares

Please see below an example of the extensive stock of spare parts we carry. This includes products from Fermod, Lo-Heat, Dortek, MTH and many more. Carter Coldstores has been a leading supplier of insulated solutions for over 70 years and is part of the Carter Thermal Industries Group.

To place an order please contact us on 0121 250 100 or email

MakeComponentPart no.Selling              price
LoheatBlack Glass Fibre Sleever 4mm sleeving0631443£1.50
Fermod2171 internal release0741035£27.00
Fermod2171 white wedge0741044£1.00
 Emergency push to open sign0741057£1.50
MTHBottom brush gasket0741102£10.00
LoheatPressure relief valve0741139£84.00
Fermod620/621 handle & catch0741266£77.00
FermodFERMOD EXT.D/HANDLE 3000 SERIES0741274£90.00
MTH11015 92mm perimetral gasket0741293£4.85
MTH68mm gasket0741314£1.95
MTH13022 & 13023 locking handle complete (hinged)0741322£54.00
MTH13019 & 13030 non-locking handle complete (hinged)0741323£50.00
Fermod921 locking handle (hinged)0741342£80.00
MTH13050 RH internal handle (sliding)0741380£70.00
MTH13051 LH internal handle (sliding)0741381£70.00
MTH13055 external handle (sliding)0741382£52.00
MTH13049 fixed pull handle (sliding)0741384£10.00
MTH24RPV225 universal register0741387£28.50
MTH15058 Lower closure hook0741388£5.00
MTH15059 Lower closure striker0741389£3.00
MTH15035 RH opening limit stop0741390£7.50
MTH15036 LH opening limit stop0741391£7.50
MTH15071 Rear guide bracket0741392£1.50
MTH15073 RH rear register0741395£7.95
MTH15074 LH rear register0741396£7.95
MTH15072 rear guide plug0741397£1.00
MTH10044 lower guide (ON GLOVIA IN MT, SELL IN 3.5m LENGTH)0741408£41.00
MTH14045 RH plastic pulley wheel0741452£49.00
MTH14046 LH plastic pulley wheel0741453£49.00
MTH13022/23 Catch strike plate0741457£8.00
MTHBlack plastic block for pulley0741460£4.00
LoheatAlum heater tape cover0741479£4.50
LoheatAlum heater tape retainer0741480£2.50
Fermod920 non-locking handle (hinged)0741484£70.00
Fermod3533 Guide Rail0741556£97.00
Fermod3532 Guide Rail0741557£65.00
Fermod3530 EXTERNAL HANDLE 116/160mm0741852£75.00
LoheatLow Voltage Cable 0741919£2.00
MTH15084 Rear register0741966£18.00
Fermod920/921 internal release handle0741989£32.00
Fermod920/921 52-72mm strike (new type)0742004£11.50
LoheatEntrapment alarm0742040£392.00
MTHLH canopy end cap0742081£6.00
MTHRH canopy end cap0742082£6.00
Fermod2320 top roller & bracket0742219£195.00
BluemayM12 x 50mm Black nylon bolt0742264£2.28
BluemayM12 Black LDP washer nut0742265£0.56
BluemayM12 Black LDP dome cap0742266£0.24
MTH13030 internal escape handle (hinged)0742345£29.50
LoheatRepeater alarm ( SSL conv only)0742362£185.00
LoheatPlug System Transformer 03.017.035C0742382£154.00
LoheatPlug System Conduit Kit 03.100.2500742383£22.00
Fermod2320 top roller only0742498£112.00
Fermod520 handle0742503£55.00
DortekIceland white plastic hinge0744649£189.00
KenfieldIceland composite hinge0744650£155.00
KenfieldCream GRP Hinge packer0744651£37.50
Carter100 x 100 Top Hat drain7317701£42.50
MTHLH Pulley fixing kit7318601£69.50
MTHRH Pulley fixing kit7318701£69.50
LoheatConnection / junction box + fixing kit (was 0741920)7322301£29.00
MTH2m c/oLH sliding MTH track7510723£340.00
LoheatPull Cord Only  02.400.104XTo Be Allocated£7.00
LoheatEye/Bolt/Shackle/Bracket  02.400.110/111To Be Allocated£48.00
LoheatPull Switch  02.400.103To Be Allocated£90.00
LoheatSounder 02.400.109To Be Allocated£96.00
LoheatPull Switch Assembly Kit  02.400.200To Be Allocated£132.00
DoortekWhite Plastic Iceland Hinge HIN102207474619£120.00
Kenfield1290 x 1980 Grey PU 1300 GSM Doors (Tesco)0742356£925.00
KenfieldIceland crash doors side edge seal kit
2 x f/edge bars & 1 x Panama Strip @ 2200 (h)£70.00